Histology and histopathology: Vol. 4, nº 1 (1989) : [13]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jan-2011Study of h-TSH immunoreactive adenohypophyseal cells following treatment with methymazoleCarretero, J.; Sánchez, F.; Torres, J. L.; Blanco, E.; Riesco, J. M.; Vázquez, R.
1989Ultrastrucmturaiml munogold labelling of vimentin filaments on postembedding ultrathin sections of arachnoid villi and meningiomasYamashima, Tetsumori; Tachibana, Osamu; Nitta, Hisashi; Yamaguchi, Narihito; Yamashita, Junkoh
1989Microscopic correlates of adaptive cytoprotection in an ethanol injury modelSchmidt, Carmen L.; Smith, Gregory S.; Miller, Thomas A.
1989Hyperplastic cellular components of a hemangiopericytoma. An ultrastructural studyMaruyama, Takeshi; Nomiyama, Tomohiko; Masakazu, Asahi; Mori, Naoki; Ono, Eizo; Kawahara, Akio; Fujimoto, Sunao
1989The effects of cyclophosphamide on the prolactin cells of the normal ratPoblador, María S.; Rojas, Carmen; Raya, Antonio; Quiralte, Joaquín; Casares, José A.; Lancho Alonso, José Luis
1989Rabbit pasteurellosis: Respiratory and renal pathology of control and immunized rabbits after challenge with Pasteurella multocidaAl-Lebban, Z.S.; Kruckenberg, S.; Coles, E. H.
1989Development of the retinal tapetum lucidum of the walleye (Stizostedion vitreum vitreum)Braekevelt, Charlie R.; Mclntyre, D. B.; Ward, F. J.
1989Ultrastructural localization of Cu, Zn-SOD in hepatocytes of patients with various liver diseasesSaito, Takafumi; Shinzawa, Haruhide; Togashi, Hitoshi; Wakabayashi, Hiroto; Ukai, Katsuaki; Takahashi, Tsuneo; Ishikawa, Makoto; Dobashi, Michio; Imai, Yutaka
1989The distribution and ontogeny of gastrin/CCK-, somatostatin- and neurotensin-immunoreactive cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the chickenAlison, B. G.
1989Effects of 4-aminopyrazolo (3,4-d) pyrimidine on rat hepatocytes: an ultrastructural morphometric studyBelloni, A. S.; Rebuffat, P.; Mazzocchi, G.; Meneghelli, V.; Nussdorfer, G.G.
1989Morphological, immunohistochemical and ultrastrucmturaclh anges in dimenthylnimtrosamine induced liver injury. Effect of malotilateStenbäck, F.; Ala-Kokko, L.; Ryhänen, L.
1989Endogenous sex hormone and estrogen binding activity in thyroid cancerImai, Yutaka; Yamakawa, Mitsunori; Matsuda, Mikio; Takeshi, Kasajima
1989Alveolar bone of BBMl rats: a morphometric and histochemical studyJohnson, R. B.; Carlson, E. C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13