Histology and histopathology: Vol. 2, nº 2 (1987) : [15]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Plasma cell granuloma of the tongue. Report of a caseSoares, J.; Moura Nunes, J.F.; Sacadura, J.
1987Autoradiographic investigation of circadian rhythms in alveolar bone periosteum and cementum in young miceTonna, E.A.; Singh, I.J.; Sandhu, H.S.
1987Classification of routinelyprocessed anaplastic large cell tumours with a small panel of antibodies. An immunohistochemical studyHenzen-Logmans, Sonja C.; Mullink, Hendrik; Vennegoor, Clauss; Jo Hilgers, Jan Oort; Meijer, Cris J.L.M.
1987Anti-platelet agents reduce morphological changes of chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertensionKeith, lngegerd; Will, James A.; Huxtable, Ryan J.; Weir, Kenneth
1987The influence of bromocriptine on the ultrstructure of the biceps femoris muscle in miceStravoravdi, P.; Polyzonis, M.; Demetriou, Th.
1987GNRH induces activation of Leydig-like cells in Pleurodeles waltlii. A morphometric studyMoya, L.; Guerrero, F.; Navas, P.; García-Herdugo, G.
1987Endocrine cells of the gastric mucosa of Rana temporaria L.Díaz de Rada, O.; Sesma, P.; Vazquez, J.J.
1987Autoradiographic localization of estrogen target cells in the spinal cord of the armadillo and baboon, a comparative studyWeaker, Frank J.; Sheridan, Peter J.
1987Immunocytochemical studies on prolactin cells in the adenohypophysis of the golden hamsterSeu-Mei Wang; Chia-Man Lue; Huai-San Lin
1987The axon initial segment of corticocollicular neurons in the rabbit visual cortex, an electron-microscope study with HRPMatute, C.; Contamina, P.; Martínez Millán, L.
1987The protective effects of a prostaglandin without antisecretory properties aginst ethanol-induced injury in the rat stomach, a histologic studySchmidt, Carmen L.; Henagan, Julia M.; Mitchell, Philip A.; Smith, Gregory S.; Miller, Thomas A.
1987S-100 protein in human lung neuroendocrine neoplasms. Immunohistochemical study of 14 cases and review of the literatureBarbareschi, M.; Mauri, M.F.; Muscara, M.; Lo Re, V.
1987High-energy adhering junctional complexes or with mitochondrial couplingGonzález Santander, R.; Martínez Cuadrado, G.; Rubio Sáez, M.
1987Light and electron microscopic study of fetal lung following maternal exposure to methylmercuric chlorideCurle, D.C.; Ray, M.; Persaud, T.V.N.
1987Light microscopical morphometry of prolactin secreting adenomas under treatment with dopamine agonistsHamester, U.; Saeger, W.; Ludecke, D.K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15