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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Anti-platelet agents reduce morphological changes of chronic hypoxic pulmonary hypertensionKeith, lngegerd; Will, James A.; Huxtable, Ryan J.; Weir, Kenneth
2000Calbindin D-28k immunoreactive nerve fibers in the carotid body of normoxic and chronically hypoxic ratsKusakabe, T.; Matsuda, H.; Hirakawa, H.; Hayashida, Y.; Ichikawa, T.; Kawakami, T.; Takenaka, T.
1999Changes in the distribution of the substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide immunoreactive nerve fibers in the laryngeal mucosa of chronically hypoxic ratsYoshida, T.; Matsuda, H.; Hayashida, Y.; Gono, Y.; Nagahara, T.; Kawakami, T.; Takenaka, T.; Tsukuda, M.; Kusakabe, T.
2011De novo expression of the hemoglobin scavenger receptor CD163 by activated microglia is not associated with hemorrhages in human brain lesionsHolfelder, K.; Schittenhelm, J.; Trautmann, K.; Haybaeck, J.; Meyermann, R.; Beschorner, R.
2005DEC1 expression in 1p-aberrant oligodendroglial neoplasmsPreusser, Matthias; Birner, P.; Ambros, I.M.; Ambros, P.F.; Budka, H.; Harris, A.L.; Hainfellner, J.A.
2007Endothelial heat shock response in cerebral ischemiaScumpia, A.J.; Kafel, J.; Hallas, B.H.; Horowitz, J.M.; Torres, G.
2002Enhanced expression of endothelin-1 and endothelinconverting enzyme-1 in acute hypoxic rat aortaDoi, Y.; Kudo, H.; Nishino, T.; Yamamoto, O.; Nagata, T.; Nara, S.; Morita, M.; Fujimoto, S.
2008Expression of ADAMTS-5 in deformed human temporomandibular joint discsMatsumoto, Takashi; Tojyo, Itaru; Kiga, Norifumi; Hiraishi, Yukihiro; Fujita, Shigeyuki
2014Grow2: The HIF system, energy homeostasis and the cell cycleMoniz, Sónia; Biddlestone, John; Rocha, Sónia
2013Hepatic response to chronic hypoxia in experimental rat model through HIF-1 alpha, activator protein-1 and NF-kappa BLau, Thomas Y.H.; Xiao, Jia; Liong, Emily C.; Liao, Linchuan; Leung, Tung-Ming; Nanji, Amin A.; Fung, Man Lung; Tipoe, George L.
2014Hypoxia, hypoxia-inducible factors and fibrogenesis in chronic liver diseasesCannito, Stefania; Paternostro, Claudia; Busletta, Chiara; Bocca, Claudia; Colombatto, Sebastiano; Miglietta, Antonella; Novo, Erica; Parola, Maurizio
2012Hypoxia-induced Factor-1α in endometrial carcinoma: a mini-review of current evidenceDousias, Vassilis; Vrekoussis, Thomas; Navrozoglou, Iordanis; Paschopoulos, Minas; Stefos, Theodore; Makrigiannakis, Antonis; Jeschke, Udo
2005Hypoxic adaptation of the rat carotid bodyKusakabe, T.; Matsuda, H.; Hayashida, Y.
2009Pulmonary expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and alveolar septation in a newborn rat model exposed to acute hypoxia and recovered under conditions of air or hyperoxiaRemesal, Ana; Pedraz, Carmen; San Feliciano, Laura; Ludeña, Dolores