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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Down-regulation of lysyl oxydase-like in aging and venous insufficiencyPascual, G.; Mendieta, C.; Mecham, R.P.; Sommer, P.; Bellón, J.M.; Buján, J.
1998Effects of ischaemia-reperfusion and cyclosporin-A on cardiac muscle ultrastructureJurado, F.; Bellón, J.M.; Pareja, J.A.; Golittsin, A.; Millán, L.; Pascual, G.; Buján, J.
2000Evaluation of the smooth muscle cell eomponent and apoptosis in the varicose vein wallBuján, J.; Jimenez-Cossio, J.A.; Jurado, F.; Gimeno, M.J.; Pascual, G.; García-Honduvilla, N.; Dominguez, B.; Bellón, J.M.
2005Histological evaluation of scar tissue inflammatory response: the role of hGH in diabetic ratsGarcía-Esteo, F.; Pascual, G.; García-Honduvilla, N.; Gallardo, A.; San-Román, J.; Bellón, J.M.; Buján, J.
2012Immune response to the long-term grafting of cryopreserved small-diameter arterial allograftsRodríguez, M.; Pascual, G.; Pérez-Köhler, B.; Cifuentes, A.; Garcia-Honduvilla, N.; Bellón, J.M.; Buján, J.
2014Long term behavior of biological prostheses used as abdominal wall substitutesPascual, G.; Sotomayor, S.; Pérez-López, P.; Buján, J.; Bellón, J.M.
2003Modulatory role of IL10 in endothelial cell damage and platelet adhesionGimeno, M.J.; Pascual, G.; García-Honduvilla, N.; Prieto, A.; Alvarez de Mon, M.; Bellón, J.M.; Buján, J.
2005Muscle-derived stem cells in tissue engineering: defining cell properties suitable for construct designBuján, J.; Pascual, G.; Corrales, C.; Gómez-Gil, V.; Rodríguez, M.; Bellón, J.M.
1999Role of macrophages in myocardial apoptosis following cardiac transplant. Influence of immunosuppressive treatmentJurado, F.; Bellón, J.M.; Golittsin, A.; Gimeno, M.J.; Pascual, G.; Buján, J.
2013Short-term behavior of different polymer structure lightweight meshes used to repair abdominal wall defectsPascual, G.; Hernández-Gascón, B.; Sotomayor, S.; Peña, E.; Calvo, B.; Buján, J.; Bellón, J.M.