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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Canine capillary formation in vitroLogothetou-Rella, H.; Nesland, Jahn M.; Kipiotis, D.; Paraschou, E.; Sechas, M.; Varonos, D.D.
1994Cytogenetic analysis and morphology of malignant nuclear vlimata. The life cycle of malignant cellsLogothetou-Rella, H.
1996Description of primordial germ cells, oogonia, oocytes and embryo-like growth in squash preparations of tissues from hem-atologica malignanciesLogothetou-Rella, H.
1994Differentiation of human lymphocytes into nuclear vlimata by meiosis. The cytotoxic effect of calcium-activated neutral proteinase inhibitorLogothetou-Rella, H.
1989Early human trophoblast cell cultures. A morphological and immunocytochemical studyLogothetou-Rella, H.; Kotoulas, I-G.; Nesland, Jahn M.; Kipiotis, D.; Abazis, D.
1994Glycosaminoglycan-sac formation in vitro. Interactions between normal and malignant cellsLogothetou-Rella, H.
1993Lymphocyte interactions with the extracellular matrix of malignant cells in vítro: A morphological and immunocytochemical studyLogothetou-Rella, H.
1996Meiosis in hematological malignancies. In situ cytogenetic morphologyLogothetou-Rella, H.
1995Nuclear vlimata and aneuploidy in embryonic cells is caused by meiosis. Behaviour and properties of meiotic cellsLogothetou-Rella, H.
1993Spermatozoa-li ke cell invaders, nuclear vlimata, in human neoplasiaLogothetou-Rella, H.
1995The inhibitor of calcium activated neutral proteinase is an anti-meiotic agent. The spermicidal and anti-viral actionLogothetou-Rella, H.
1994The selective anticancer activity of the endogenous inhibitor of calcium-activated neutral proteinase. A histological,...Logothetou-Rella, H.