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Título: El lector como usuario: implicaciones didácticas = The reader as user: educational implications
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Editorial: Asociación Española de Comprensión Lectora
ISSN: 2340-8685
Materias relacionadas: CDU::3 - Ciencias sociales::37 - Educación. Enseñanza. Formación. Tiempo libre
Palabras clave: Information
Resumen: This article analyzes the figure of the reader and the challenges facing this through the transformations that occur in the digital world from the perspective of the teaching-learning. It is understood the reader of the XXI century as a user and creator of content on the network. Reading is one of the main practices of access to knowledge, and also works as an engine of social power that articulates shared web 2.0. Thus, definitions of literacy and reading skills are changing, as these not only have to consider the linear reading of printed texts, but also have to be extended to reading practices in new media and technological devices. a review of research and models that describe a corpus of work that brings together evidence and international results regarding formatting preferences, learning styles, skills development and strategies of reading on screen and / or reading in digital environments is presented. At the end of the work prospects are proposed to rethink the role of digital reader, where the social dimension of reading practices becomes more consideration, and where also the roles developed by the reader multiply.
Autor/es principal/es: López-Andrada, Concepción
Colección: Nº 6 (2016)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10201/89388
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