Cuadernos de filología inglesa: Vol. 8 (1) 1999 : [18]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999In sociolinguistics lacking in style?Macaulay, Ronald; Facultad de Letras
1999The dialect vocabulary of ulsterKirk, John M.; Facultad de Letras
1999Two large-scale and long-term language variation surveys: a retrospective and a planUpton, Clive; Llamas, Carmen; Facultad de Letras
1999Reconstructing variation in the speech community: evidence on early american english negative constructions from the salem witchcraft papersDíaz Vera, Javier E.; Facultad de Letras
1999The social diffusion of linguistic innovations in fifteenth century england: chancery spellings in private correspondenceHernández Campoy, Juan Manuel; Conde Silvestre, Juan Camilo; Facultad de Letras
1999Pidgin traits in the adaptation process of spanish anglicismsBreva-Claramonte, Manuel; Facultad de Letras
1999Variation theory: a view from creole continuaWinford, Donald; Facultad de Letras
1999Nothing in context: variation, grammaticization and past time marking in Nigerian pidgin EnglishPoplack, Shana; Tagliamonte, Sali; Facultad de Letras
1999Locating the baseline of linguistic innovations: dialect contact, the founder principle and the so-called (-onw) split in New Zeland EnglishBritain, David; Facultad de Letras
1999Setting new standards: sound changes and gender in New Zealand EnglishHolmes, Janet; Facultad de Letras
1999A language attitude analysis of regional US speech: is northern US english not friendly enough?Preston, Dennis R.; Facultad de Letras
1999Converging Features in the Englishes of north americaChambers, J.K.; Facultad de Letras
1999Sociolinguistic variation in the names of mealsRodríguez-González, Félix; Facultad de Letras
1999Relative markers in late twentieth century written british englishValera-Pérez, José Ramón; Facultad de Letras
1999Taming the vernacular: some repercussions for the study of Syntactic variation and spoken grammarCheshire, Jenny; Facultad de Letras
1999Mobility versus social class in dialect levelling: Evidence from new and old towns in EnglandKerswill, Paul; Williams, Ann; Facultad de Letras
1999Phonological variation and change in contemporany English: evidence from newcastle upon tyne and dervyMilroy, Lesley; Milroy, James; Foulkes, Paul; Walshaw, David; Facultad de Letras
1999Dialec contact, dialectology and sociolinguisticsTrudgill, Peter; Facultad de Letras
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18