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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Human galectin-2: nuclear presence in vitro and its modulation by quiescence/stress factorsDvoránková, B.; Smetana, K. Jr.; Lacina, L.; Lensch, M.; Manning, J.C.; André, S.; Gabius, H.J.
2008Thymidine phoshorylase expression in breast cancer, the prognostic significance and its association with other angiogenesisLoachim, E.
2008Immunohistochemical and in situ hybridization observations favor a local catecholamine production in the human Achilles tendonBjur, Dennis; Danielson, Patrik; Alfredson, Hàkan; Forsgren, Sture
2008Immunohistochemical localization of renin, NO synthase-1, and cyclooxygenase-2 in rodent kidneyIchii, Osamu; Yabuki, Akira; Ojima, Toshimichi
2008Histochemical demonstration of aluminum and iron deposition in pulmonary bony tissues in three cases of diffuse pulmonary ossificationOhtsuki, Yuji; Yamanaka, Akira; Ohyama, Hideki; Yamada, Eiji; Terada, Nobuyuki; Fujita, Jiro; Lee, Gang-Hong; Furihata, Mutsuo
2008Effects of hypothyroidism on anti-mullerian hormone expression in the prepubertal rat testisChamindrani Mendis-Handagama, S.M.L.; Siril Ariyaratne, H.B.
2008Pathomechanism of entrapment neuropathy in diabetic and nondiabetic rats reared in wire cagesNishimura, Toshico; Hirata, Hitoshi; Tsujil, Masaya; Iida, Ryu; Hoki, Yoko; Iino, Takahiro; Ogawa, Satoru; Uchida, Atsumasa
2008Therapeutic perspectives for the treatment of Huntington s disease, Treating the whole bodyMartin, Bronwen; Golden, Erin; Keselman, Alex; Stone, Matthew; Mattson, Mark P.; Egan, Josephine M.; Maudsley, Stuart
2008Down-regulation of lysyl oxydase-like in aging and venous insufficiencyPascual, G.; Mendieta, C.; Mecham, R.P.; Sommer, P.; Bellón, J.M.; Buján, J.
2008Analysis of Epstein-Barr virus strains and variants in classical Hodgkin s lymphoma by laser microdissectionGarcía-Cosío, Mónica; Santón, Almudena; Martín, Paloma; Reguero, María Eugenia; Cristóbal, Eva; Bellas, Carmen