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dc.contributor.authorPastor, L.M.-
dc.contributor.authorSantamaria, L.-
dc.contributor.authorPallarés, J.-
dc.contributor.authorZuasti, A.-
dc.contributor.authorFerrer, C.-
dc.contributor.authorCanteras, M.-
dc.description.abstractIn this study, we examined the age-related changes on morphometric parameters and ultrastructure of seminiferous tubules, and on the expression of extracellular matrix proteins in lamina propria of Syrian hamsters. A significant decrease in the percentage of normal tubules and an increase in the percentage of hypospermatogenic and arrested maturation tubules was observed with aging. Aged animals showed a decrease in tubular diameter, tubular lumen, seminiferous epithelium volume and total tubular volume. However, the total length of seminiferous tubules was significantly increased with aging. The most important ultrastructural changes with aging were the thickening of the lamina propria, the presence of diverse abnormalities in the spermiogenesis process, degeneration of germ cells, and vacuolization and flattening of Sertoli cells showing abundant lipofucsin droplets and residual bodies. Laminin immunoreactivity was found along the lamina propria of seminiferous tubules both in young and aged animals. Fibronectin immunoreactivity was found along the lamina propria and blood vessels. Both laminin and fibronectin total volume of immunostaining per testis was increased in aged hamsters. In conclusion, the agerelated changes in seminiferous tubules of hamster include: a decrease in tubular width and an increase in tubular length; widening of the lamina propria caused by a more extensive connective matrix between the peritubular cells and the basal membrane; and a strong disarrangement of the seminiferous epithelium, including germ cell degeneration and important alterations in both spermiogenesis and Sertoli cell
dc.publisherMurcia : F. Hernándezes
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dc.subject.otherCDU::6 - Ciencias aplicadas::61 - Medicinaes
dc.titleInvolution of seminiferous tubules in aged hamsters: an ultrastructural, immunohistochemical and quantitative morphological studyes
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