Histology and histopathology: Vol.20, nº 1 (2005) : [34]  Estadísticas

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Lymphangiogenesis and its role in cancer.pdf.jpg2005-Lymphangiogenesis and its role in cancer
Involvement of the phosphoinositide.pdf.jpg2005-Involvement of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway in the resistance to therapeutic treatments of human leukemias
Diagnostic impact of bone marrow.pdf.jpg2005-Diagnostic impact of bone marrow histopathology in polycythemia vera (PV)
New aspects of the pathogenesis.pdf.jpg2005-New aspects of the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis: the role of fibroblast-like chondrocytes in late stages of the disease
Changes in extranucleolar transcription.pdf.jpg2005-Changes in extranucleolar transcription during actinomycin D-induced apoptosis
The role of junctional adhesion.pdf.jpg2005-The role of junctional adhesion molecules in cell-cell interactionsThe role of junctional adhesion
Expression of the ets1 protooncogene in.pdf.jpg2005-Expression of the ets-1 proto-oncogene in human breast carcinoma: Differential expression with histological grading and growth pattern
Renal clearcell carcinoma an.pdf.jpg2005-Renal clear-cell carcinoma: an ultrastructural study on the junctional complexes
Prognostic significance of augmented metallothionein.pdf.jpg2005-Prognostic significance of augmented metallothionein (MT) expression correlated with Ki-67 antigen expression in selected soft tissue sarcomas
Histological evaluation of scar tissue inflammatory.pdf.jpg2005-Histological evaluation of scar tissue inflammatory response: the role of hGH in diabetic rats
The appearance of myofibroblasts and.pdf.jpg2005-The appearance of myofibroblasts and the disappearance of CD34-positive stromal cells in the area adjacent to xanthogranulomatous foci of chronic cholecystitis
Review of mucinous tubular and.pdf.jpg2005-Review of mucinous tubular and spindle-cell carcinoma of the kidney with a focus on clinical and pathobiological aspects
Exploring ischemiainduced vascular lesions and.pdf.jpg2005-Exploring ischemia-induced vascular lesions and potential pharmacological intervention strategies
Antigen receptor signaling competence and the.pdf.jpg2005-Antigen receptor signaling competence and the determination of B cell fate in B-lymphopoiesis
Akt signaling and its role in postnatal neovascularization.pdf.jpg2005-Akt signaling and its role in postnatal neovascularization
Advances in isolation and.pdf.jpg2005-Advances in isolation and characterization of homogeneous cell populations using laser microdissection
a1acid glycoprotein AGP a possible carrier of.pdf.jpg2005-a1-acid glycoprotein (AGP): a possible carrier of sialyl lewis X (slewis X) antigen in colorectal carcinoma
An immunohistochemical study.pdf.jpg2005-An immunohistochemical study of the expression of cell-cycle-regulated proteins p53, cyclin D1, RB, p27, Ki67 and MSH2 in gallbladder carcinoma and its precursor lesions
Gastrointestinal phenotype of GAD67lacZ.pdf.jpg2005-Gastrointestinal phenotype of GAD67lacZ transgenic mice with early postnatal lethality
Molecular pathology of low malignant bladder.pdf.jpg2005-Molecular pathology of low malignant bladder transitional cell carcinoma: a current perspective
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 34