Histology and histopathology: Vol.19, nº 3 (2004) : [36]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Immuno-histochemical expression of a1, a2 and a3 integrin subunits during angiogenesis in vitroSuda, H.; Asami, Y.; Murata, E.; Fujita, K.; Akita, M.
2004Age-related changes of the ultrastructure in the cardiomyopathic hamster (UM-X7.1 Syrian hamster) parathyroid glandUtsumi, M.; Moriguchi, K.; Takahashi, H.; Kinoshita, C.; Togari, A.; Mizutani, M.; Ohno, N.
2004Intra- and extracellular Aß and PHF in clinically evaluated cases of Alzheimer’s diseaseFernández-Vizarra, P.; Fernández, A.P.; Castro-Blanco, S.; Serrano, J.; Bentura, M.L.; Martínez Murillo, R.; Martínez, A.; Rodrigo, J.
2004Multiparameter analysis of AgNOR in thyroid lesions: comparison with PCNA expressionSlowinska-Klencka, D.; Klencki, M.; Popowicz, B.; Sporny, S.; Lewinski, A.
2004Natural IgM antibodies, the ignored weapons in tumour immunityBrändlein, S.; Vollmers, H.P.
2004Effect of telmisartan on preexistent cardiac and renal lesions in spontaneously hypertensive mature ratsMandarim-de-Lacerda, Carlos A.; Pereira, L.M.M.
2004Aberrant expression of a fetal glycoprotein 68 in hepatocellular carcinoma: a comparative study on the expression of alpha-fetoprotein and carcinoembryonic antigenKato, Massuo J.; Shinozawa, T.; Kato, S.; Terada, T.
2004Signalling mechanisms of anoikisZhan, M.; Zhao, H.; Han, Z.C.
2004Pulmonary lymphoid lesions in an experimental model of collapsing glomerulopathy in ratsÁvila-Casado, M.C.; Pérez-Torres, I.; Aurón, A.; Zepeda Rodríguez, A.; Soto, V.; Soria, E.; Hernández, S.; Chávez-Rentería, B.; Mussali-Galante, Patricia; Ávila-Costa, M.R.; Fortoul, T.I.
2004Prognostic value of apoptosis in breast cancer (pT1-pT2). A TUNEL, p53, bcl-2, bag-1 and Bax immunohistochemical studySirvent, J.J.; Aguilar, M.C.; Olona, M.; Pelegrí, A.; Blázquez, S.; Gutiérrez, C.
2004Animal models of pheochromocytomaTischler, A.S.; Powers, J.F.; Alroy, J.
2004Expression of prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) in prostatic adenocarcinoma and prostatic intraepithelial neoplasiaMarchal, C.; Redondo, M.; Padilla, M.; Caballero, J.; Rodrigo, I.; García, J.; Quian, J.; Boswick, D.G.
2004Primary central nervous system lymphomas in immunocompetent patientsGuinto, G.; Félix, I.; Aréchiga, N.; Arteaga, V.; Kovacs, K.
2004Corticosterone 21-acetate in vivo induces acute stress in chicken thymus: cell proliferation, apoptosis and cytokine responsesFranchini, A.; Marchesini, E.; Ottaviani, E.
2004Nuclear localization of aldolase A in pig cardiomyocytesMamczur, P.; Dzugaj, A.
2004Comparative analysis of cell populations involved in the proliferative and inflammatory processes in diffuse and localised pigmented villonodular synovitisBerger, I.; Ehemann, V.; Helmchen, B.; Penzel, R.; Weckauf, H.
2004The role of apoptosis in pulmonary fibrosisKuwano, K.; Hagimoto, N.; Nakanishi, Y.
2004Angiogenesis and the role of bone marrow endothelial cells in haematological malignanciesDe Raeve, H.; Van Marck, E.; Van Camp, B.; Vanderkerken, K.
2004Neuropeptides, apoptosis and ion changes in prostate cancer. Methods of study and recent developmentsVilches, J.; Salido, M.; Fernández-Segura, E.; Roomans, G.M.
2004Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPPIV) activity in the tear fluid as an indicator of the severity of corneal injury: a histochemical and biochemical studyCejkova, J.; Zvárová, Z.; Cejka, C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 36