Histology and histopathology: Vol.15, nº 3 (2000) : [14]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Changes in the immunoreactivity of substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide in the laryngeal taste buds of chronically hypoxic ratsKusakabe, T.; Yoshida, T.; Matsuda, H.; Yamamoto, Y.; Hayashida, Y.; Kawakami, T.; Takenaka, T.
2000Microstructural analysis of bile: relevance to cholesterol gallstone pathogenesisRubin, M.; Pakula, R.; Konikoff, F.M.
2000Bcl-2 expression in colorectal tumours. Correlation with p53, mdm-2, Rb proteins and proliferation indicesGoussia, A.C.; Loachim, E.; Agnantis, N.J.; Mahera, M.; Tsianos, E.V.
2000Diabetic state affects the innervation of gut in an animal model of human type 1 diabetesSpangeus, A.; Suhr, O.; El-Salhy, M.
2000Transient structures of the human fetal brain: Subplate, thalamic reticular complex, ganglionic eminenceUlfig, N.; Neudorfer, F.; Bohl, J.
2000Ethylnitrosourea ENU - induced apoptosis in the rat fetal tissuesKatayama, K.; Ishigami, M.; Uetsuka, K.; Nakayama, Hiroyuki; Doi, K.
2000Distribution of T-cell subsets and immunoglobulin-containing cells in nasal-associated lymphoid tissue (NALT) of chickensOhshima, K.; Hiramatsu, K.
2000Current knowledge of dystrophin and dystrophin-associated proteins in the retinaUeda, H.; Baba, T.; Ohno, S.
2000lmmunohistochemical and in situ hybridization studies of choline acetyltransferase in large motor neurons of the human spinal cordMuroishi, Y.; Kasashima, S.; Nakanishi, I.; Oda, Y.
2000Neuropeptides bombesin and calcigonin induce resistance to etoposide induced apoptosis in prostate cancer cell linesSalido, M.; Vilches, J.; Lopez, A.
2000Skeletal muscle abnormalities associated with occupational exposure to mercury vapoursNadorfy-Lopez, E.; Torres, S.H.; Finol, H.; Mendez, M.; Bello, B.
2000lmmunohistochemical expression of Retinoblastoma gene product (Rb), p53 protein, MDM2, c-erbB-2, HLA-DR and proliferation indices in human urinary bladder carcinomaLoachim, E.; Charchanti, A.; Stavropoulos, N.E.; Skopelitou, A.; Athanassiou, E.D.; Agnantis, N.J.
2000Evaluation of the smooth muscle cell eomponent and apoptosis in the varicose vein wallBuján, J.; Jimenez-Cossio, J.A.; Jurado, F.; Gimeno, M.J.; Pascual, G.; García-Honduvilla, N.; Dominguez, B.; Bellón, J.M.
2000Metamorphosed fibroblasts and their relation to the histogenesis of malignant fibrous histiocytoma in experimental murine modelOsanai, T.; Yamakawa, Mitsunori; Suda, A.; Watanabe, Y.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 14 of 14