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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Growth factors and remyelination in the CNSWoodruff, R.H.; Franklin, R.J.M.
1997The microanatomy of calcium stores in human neutrophils, Relationship of structure to functionPettit, E.J.; Davies, E.V.; Hallett, M.B.
1997Comparative stereological studies on zonation and cellular composition of adrenal glands of normal and anencephalic human fetuses. II. Cellular composition of the glandBocian-Sobkowska, J.; Malendowicz, L.K.; Woíniak, W.
1997Ultrastructural alterations of the cortical epithelial cells of the rat thymus after cyclophosphamide treatmentYoon, S.; Yoo, Y.H.; Kim, B.S.; Kim, J.J.
1997Antioxidant enzyme levels in cancerOberley, T.D.; Oberley, L.W.
1997Structural and ultrastructural study of the myocardium after 24-hour preservation in University of Wisconsin solutionGarcía-Poblete, Eduardo; Fernández, H.; Alvarez, L.; Torralba, A.; Escudero, C.
1997Collagen types Vlll and X, two non-fibrillar, short-chain collagens. Structure homologies, functions and involvement in pathologySutmulle, M.; Bruijn, J.A.; De Heer, E.
1997Analysis of allogenic lymphocytes in rat thymus following sublethal irradiationOhba, Y.; Fujikura, Y.; Sawada, T.; Tokuda, N.; Morimatsu, M.; Fukumoto, T.
1997Hepatocyte apoptosis in hepatic iron overload diseasesZhao, M.; Laissue, J.A.; Zimmermann, Astrid
1997Ultrastructural changes in the synthetic and secretory patterns of pulmonary surfactant following pilocarpine in vivoSmith, Dennis M.; Sommers Smith, Sally K.