Histology and histopathology: Vol.11, nº 2 (1996) : [27]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996A comparison of cyclosporine A and cyclosporine G in a rabbit heterotopic cardiac transplant model: graft outcome and histological findingsFryer, J.P.; Pascoe, E.A.; Yatscoff, R.W.; Thliveris, J.A.
1996Odontogenic jaw cysts: light and electron microscopical investigationsDomenici Lombardo, L.; Amunni, F.; Bergamini, M.; Romagnoli, P.
1996Retinal pigment epithelial fine structure in the Australian Galah (Eolophus roseicapillus) (Aves)Braekevelt, Charlie R.; Richardson, K.C.
1996Seasonality and freezability vs routine parameters in stallion semenRodríguez, H.; Bustos-Obregón, E.
1996lnitiation and post-initiation chemopreventive effects of O-carotene in toad liver carcinogenesisSadek, I.A.; Hayat, L.G.
1996A change in the localization of the region trapping immune complexes in rat popliteal lymph nodes during development of germinal centers, with regard to the distribution of follicular dendritic cellsSato, H.; Dobashi, Michio; Maeda, K.
1996Use of lectin-probes for correlative histochemical and biochemical assessments of the glycosylation patterns of secretory proteins, including kallikreins, in salivary glands and salivaGarrett, J.R.; Proctor, G.B.; Zhang, X.S.; Shori, D.K.; Schulte, B.A.
1996Alterations in the alveolar epithelium after injury leading to pulmonary fibrosisKasper, M.; Haroske, G.
1996Morphological changes of autoclaved autogenic bone implantation and autoclaved autogenic bone supplernented with allogenic demineralized bone matrix in rat parietal boneYoung, T.Q.; Matsuda, Mikio; Takekawa, M.; Ohtsubo, S.; Tsuyama, K.; Kita, S.
1996Tenascin and type IV collagen expression in liver cell dysplasia and in hepatocellular carcinomaZhao, M.; Laissue, J.A.; Zimmermann, Astrid
1996Expression of cytoskeletal proteins and ATPase activity in bovine femoral artery and vein intimaTrosheva, M.; Dikranian, K.; Nikolov, Sp.
1996The intracellular origin of the melanosome in pigment cells. A review of ultrastructural dataSchraerrneyer, U.
1996Architecture of the mammalian pituitary cholinergic system with observations on a putative blood acetylcholine sensorCaffé, A. R.
1996A new morphological classification during follow-up in patients with celiac disease. A three-dimensional observation by scanning electron microscopyMagliocca, F.M.; Bonamico, M.; Petrozza, V.; Mariani, P.; Correr, S.; Familiari, G.; Carpino, F.
1996Stereology of human fetal adrenal medullaBocian-Sobkowska, J.; Woíniak, W.; Malendowicz, L.K.; Ginda, Waclaw J.
1996Ultrastructural studies on myofibrillogenesis and neogenesis of skeletal muscles after prolonged traction in rabbitsSun, J.S.; Hou, S.M.; Hang, Y. S.; Liu, T,K.; Lu, K.S.
1996Facts and paradoxes in current notions of nuclear organization and functionManfredi Romanini, M.G.; Fraschini, A.
1996Modulation of the glycoconjugate expression in the tracheo-bronchial epithelium during sustained hypovitaminosis AZschabitz, A.; Weiser, H.; Stofft, E.; Gabius, H.J.; Biesalsk, H. K.
1996Neuropeptide Y-related peptides and hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis functionMalendowicz, L.K.; Markowska, A.; Zabel, M.
1996Microgravity in the STS-29 space shuttle discovery affected the vestibular system of chick embryosFermin, C.D.; Martin, D.; Jones, T.; Vellinge, J.; Deuser, M.; Hester, P.; Hullinger, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27