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MRC_NH_v5_postprint.pdf.jpg2021-A structural analysis of 2,5-diaryl-4H-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazol-3-ones: NMR in the solid-state, X-ray crystallography and GIPAW calculations
Marin-Luna_2020EurJOC5496.pdf.jpg8-sep-2020-The Elusive 1,4-Diazabutatrienes: Lurking in the Shadows
Marin-Luna_2020JOC11975.pdf.jpg25-ago-2020-In Search of 1,4-Diazabutatrienes, the Elusive Isocyanide Homodimers: The Superchameleonic F–NC
Chem_Sci_2020_DAP-Interlocked Prolinamides.pdf.jpg11-mar-20202020Enhancing the selectivity of prolinamide organocatalysts using the mechanical bond in [2]rotaxanes
JOC_revised_2019_postprint.pdf.jpgfeb-2020-Lewis Acid-mediated Formation of 1,3-Disubstituted Spiro[cyclopropane-1,2'-indanes]: The Activating Effect of the Cyclopropane Walsh Orbital
2020AJC_Aziridine and cyclopropane-fused quinolin-2-ones.pdf.jpg7-ene-20202020Unlocking the synthetic potential of aziridine and cyclopropane-fused quinolin-2-ones by regioselective fragmentation of its three-membered rings
High Energy Alkaline Flow Battery_OpenAccess.pdf.jpg21-oct-2019-Mediated alkaline flow batteries: from fundamentals to application
19JOC_AV_Chemodivergent Conversion of Ketenimines Bearing Cyclic Dithioacetalic.pdf.jpg21-jun-20192019Chemodivergent Conversion of Ketenimines Bearing Cyclic Dithioacetalic Units into Isoquinoline-1-thiones or Quinolin-4-ones as a Function of the Acetalic Ring Size
Org Lett 2019_Interlocking the catalyst.pdf.jpg19-jun-20192019Interlocking the Catalyst: Thread versus Rotaxane-Mediated Enantiodivergent Michael Addition of Ketones to beta-Nitrostyrene
CC2019-JB_MS Tetramethyl HB-RTX.pdf.jpg16-may-20192019Homo and heteroassembly of amide-based [2]rotaxanes using α,α′-dimethyl-p-xylylenediamines
Self-Archived MS-JBerna_Dethreading of FUM-pRTX.pdf.jpg11-feb-20192019Thermally and Photochemically Induced Dethreading of Fumaramide-Based Kinetically Stable Pseudo[2]rotaxanes
20Synlett_Account Interlocked Lactams_AV.pdf.jpg18-ene-20192019Stereocontrol in the Synthesis of β-Lactams Arising from the Interlocked Structure of Benzylfumaramide-Based Hydrogen-Bonded [2]Rotaxanes
18JOC_AV-Macrocyclic Thioureas.pdf.jpg23-oct-20182018Exploring the Conversion of Macrocyclic 2,2 '-Biaryl Bis(thioureas) into Cyclic Monothioureas: An Experimental and Computational Investigation
Self-Archived MS-JBerna_Photoactive Amide-base 1Rtx.pdf.jpg13-sep-20182018Light-driven exchange between extended and contracted lasso-like isomers of a bistable [1]rotaxane
J_Phys_Chem-C-2018.pdf.jpg16-may-2018-Structure−property correlation behind the high mobility of carbazolocarbazole
9-may-20182018Accessing polysubstituted oxazolidines, pyrrolidines and imidazolidines by regioselective [3+2] annulations of ketenimines with donor-acceptor oxiranes and aziridines
2020ACIE_AV_Enantioselective Ring-Assisted Cyclization of Interlocked Fumaramides.pdf.jpg16-abr-20182018Enantioselective Formation of 2-Azetidinones by Ring-Assisted Cyclization of Interlocked N-(alpha-Methyl)benzyl Fumaramides
J_Mater_Chem-C-2018.pdf.jpg2-mar-2018-Hydrogen-bonded azaphenacene: a strategy for the organization of π-conjugated materials
1 Tetrahedron 2017.pdf.jpg16-nov-2017-Enantiospecific synthesis of antifungal dasyscyphin E from cupressic acid
2 JOC 2017.pdf.jpg15-ago-2017-Diastereoselective Intramolecular Heck Reaction Assisted by an Acetate Group: Synthesis of the Decahydrobenzofluorene Derivative Dasyscyphin E
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 28