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12889_2023_Article_17616.pdf.jpg3-feb-2024-Territorial gaps on quality of causes of death statistics over the last forty years in Spain
1-s2.0-S1888989120301166-main(5).pdf.jpg2024-Childhood adversities and suicidal behavior in the general population. The cross-sectional PEGASUS-Murcia Project
Obesity.pdf.jpg26-abr-2023-Lifestyle mediators of associations among siestas, obesity, and metabolic health
ASAIO.pdf.jpgmar-2023-Hematic Antegrade Repriming Reduces Emboli on Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Randomized Controlled Trial
84- Garcia-Marcos - Lancet Glob Health 2023.pdf.jpgfeb-2023-Asthma management and control in children, adolescents, and adults in 25 countries: a Global Asthma Network Phase I cross-sectional study
Estimating Country.pdf.jpg29-oct-2022-Estimating Country-Specific Incidence Rates of Rare Cancers: Comparative Performance Analysis of Modeling Approaches Using European Cancer Registry Data
cancers-14-02441.pdf.jpg15-may-2022-Cancer Survival in Adults in Spain: A Population-Based Study of the Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAN)
77- Morales- Front Nutr 2022.pdf.jpgabr-2022-Dietary Patterns in Pregnancy and Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress in Mothers and Offspring: The NELA Birth Cohort
74- Garcia-Serna- PAI 2022.pdf.jpgfeb-2022-Cytokine profiles in cord blood in relation to prenatal traffic-related air pollution: The NELA cohort
Nieto_Primary_Care_Respiratory_Medicine.pdf.jpg10-ene-2022-Effectiveness of individualized inhaler technique training on low adherence (LowAd) in ambulatory patients with COPD and asthma
73- Morales- PPE 2022.pdf.jpg2022-The Nutrition in Early Life and Asthma (NELA) birth cohort study: Rationale, design, and methods
CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH ROUDHI.pdf.jpg14-jun-2021-The EP300/TP53 pathway, a suppressor of the Hippo and canonical WNT pathways, is activated in human hearts with arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy in the absence of overt heart failure
correlates.pdf.jpgmay-2021-Correlates of preferring a passive role in decision-making among patients with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
Collados-R..1.pdf.jpg2021-Is There a Role for the Microbiome and Sudden Death? A Systematic Review
69- Morales- Nutrients 2021.pdf.jpg2021-Infancy and Childhood Obesity Grade Predicts Weight Loss in Adulthood: The ONTIME Study
PUHE_4029_.pdf.jpgdic-2020-Partial contributions and temporal trends of leading causes of death during the last four decades in Spain
57- Garcia-Serna-Mol Psy 2020.pdf.jpgoct-2020-Neurodevelopmental effects of prenatal vitamin D in humans:systematic review and meta-analysis
Main_Text_VitD_MYMS.pdf.jpg2-sep-20192-sep-2019Vitamin D status is not associated with reproductive parameters in young Spanish men
Clorpirifos.pdf.jpg18-may-2019-Effects of chlorpyrifos on cell death and cellular phenotypic specification of human neural stem cells
59- Morales & Duffy-Front Pediatr 2019.pdf.jpg2019-Genetics and Gene-Environment Interactions in Childhood and Adult Onset Asthma
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 47