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FrontMicrobiol_2021_Gallego-Jara_et_al ed.pdf.jpg26-oct-2021-Bacterial sirtuins overview: an open niche to explore
cwab087-1final.pdf.jpg2021-Dissecting the transcriptional program of phosphomannomutase 2-deficient cells: Lymphoblastoide B cell lines as a valuable model for congenital disorders of glycosylation studies
FEMSLE-20-06-0296.Proof_hi.pdf.jpg11-nov-2020-An ideal spacing is required for the control of Class II CRP-dependent promoters by the status of CRP K100
OA 2020-GreenChemistry (1).pdf.jpg22-jul-2020-Chemo-enzymatic production of omega-3 monoacylglycerides using sponge-like ionic liquids and supercritical carbon dioxide
CSBJ_2020_Ortega_Krell ed.pdf.jpg16-jul-2020-Chemoreceptors with C-terminal pentapeptides for CheR and CheB binding are abundant in bacteria that maintain host interactions
molecules-25-01537-v2.pdf.jpg27-mar-2020-Photoprotection and skin pigmentation:Melanin-related Molecules and some other new agents obtained from natural sources
Scientific Reports 2020, 10.pdf.jpg2020-Data preprocessing workflow for exhaled breath analysis by GC/MS using open sources
OAProof 01 _system_appendPDF_proof_hi (1).pdf.jpg22-oct-2019-Ionic liquids as an enabling tool to integrate reaction and separation processes
Naunyn2019.pdf.jpgfeb-2019-Anti-leukemia activity of 4-amino-2-aryl-6,9-dichlorobenzo[g]pteridines
BBA GS.pdf.jpg2019-Characterization of acetyl-CoA synthetase kinetics and ATP-binding
Martin-Oro..4.pdf.jpg2019-WNT Signaling in Tumors: The Way to Evade Drugs and Immunity
Biocatalytic synthesis of panthenyl monoacyl esters in Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents.pdf.jpg2019-Biocatalytic synthesis of panthenyl monoacyl esters in Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents
SciRep-2018.pdf.jpgago-2018-Characterization of human peritoneal monocyte/macrophage subsets in homeostasis: Phenotype, GATA6, phagocytic/oxidative activities and cytokines expression
Castejon-Griñan_Oncogene2018-postprint.pdf.jpg5-jul-2018-cAMP-independent non-pigmentary actions of variant melanocortin 1 receptor: AKT-mediated activation of protective responses to oxidative DNA damage
Accepted manuscript_Online version1.pdf.jpgjun-2018-Functional interplay between secreted ligands and receptors in melanoma.
ijms-19-00633_Cu&Zn.pdf.jpg23-feb-2018-On the metal cofactor in the Tyrosinase family
Highly selective biocatalytic synthesis.pdf.jpg2017-Highly selective biocatalytic synthesis of monoacylglycerides in sponge-like ionic liquids
Lozanoetal..f.pdf.jpg2011-(Bio) Catalytic Continuous Flow Processes in scCO2 and/or ILs: Towards Sustainable: (Bio)Catalytic Synthetic Platforms
ijms-23-11141.pdf.jpg--Potential of Sulforaphane and Broccoli Membrane Vesicles as Regulators of M1/M2 Human Macrophage Activity
s00294-023-01269-z.cleaned.pdf.jpg--The antifungal effect induced by itraconazole in Candida parapsilosis largely depends on the oxidative stress generated at the mitochondria
Ítems de la colección (ordenados por Fecha Publicación en orden Descendente): 1 a 20 de 20