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205737.pdf.jpg1989-La traducción: Concepción Nucleica en la aprehensión de un segundo idioma
book.png1993-Las actividades dramáticas en la enseñanza y aprendizaje del inglés como lengua extranjera [Microforma] : estudio empírico
2526567.pdf.jpg1997-Bialystok's processing continuum model: a cognitive approach to patterned variation in SLA
234196.pdf.jpg2001-Allophonic splits in L2 phonology: the question of learnability
234194.pdf.jpg2001-Syllable structure universals and second language acquisition
211082.pdf.jpg2001-Trends in the Conceptualizations of Second Language Composing Strategies: A Critical Analysis
211088.pdf.jpg2001-Factors relating to EFL writers' discourse level revision skills
211075.pdf.jpg2001-Learning to write in a second language: two decades of research
211104.pdf.jpg2001-Twenty-five years of scholarship on second sanguage composing processes: 1976-2000
211091.pdf.jpg2001-Age-related differences in the development of written production. An empirical study of EFL school learners
211092.pdf.jpg2001-Word processing and second language writing: a longitudinal case study
211096.pdf.jpg2001-The influence of prior experience on the construction of scoring criteria for ESL compostions: A case study
211094.pdf.jpg2001-Targetiing L2 writing proficiencies: instruction and areas of change in students' writing over time
211098.pdf.jpg2001-Material, educational, and ideological challenges of teaching EFL writing at the turn of the century
211078.pdf.jpg2001-Some Steps Towards a Socio-cognitive Interpretation of Second Language Composition Processes
272473.pdf.jpg2002-Web-based instructional enviroments: tools and techniques for effective second language acquisition
272469.pdf.jpg2002-ICT and modern foreign languages: learning opportunities and training needs
272478.pdf.jpg2002-Web Assisted Language Learning (WALL) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) in virtual centres for foreign languages
919599.pdf.jpg2004-Second Language Acquisition and Language Teaching
919602.pdf.jpg2004-What can computer assisted language learning contribute to foreign language pedagogy