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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Morphological aspects of potassium flow in the semicircular canal ampulla of the pigeonHelling, K.; Merker, H. J.
2001Morphological identification of the lipid-storing cells in golden hamster parathyroid glands after vitamin A treatmentchen, H.; Hayakawa, D.; Emura, S.; Ozawa, Y.; Taguchi, H.; Yano, R.; Shoumura, S.
1987Morphometric study of hepatic ultrastructure in alcoholic hepatitisChen, T.S.; Murphy, D.P.; Marquet, G.; Chedid, A.; Mendenhall, C.L.; Rabin, L.; Veterans Administration Cooperative Study Group on Alcoholic Hepatitis
1991Myelinated Herring bodies in the median eminence of the catPastor, F.E.; Blazquez, J.L.; Toranzo, D.; Pelaez, B.; Sanchez, A.; Alvarez-Morujo, A.J.; Amat, P.
1989Nuclear bodies in the normal and hyperfunctional human adrenal cortexMagalhães, M. M.; Carvalho, D.; Oliveira, M. A.; Magalhães, M. C.
1999Ri bonuclease-gold labels proteoglycancontaining cytoplasmic granules and ribonucleic acid-containing organelles - A surveyDvorak, A. M.; Morgan, E.S.
1989Surface morphology and ultrastructure of normal and cyclic hematopoietic canine bone marrow in long-term liquid culturesAl-Lebban, Z.S.; Lange, R.D.; Jones, J.B.; Lothrop, Jr.
1998The deep-sea teleost cornea, a comparative study of gadiform fishesCollin, S.P.; Collin, H.B.
1994The diffusely-infiltrated lymphoid tissue of the bursa of fabricius of Sturnus unicolor. Histological organization and functional significanceFonfría Díaz, José; Moreno, J.; Gomez del Moral, M.; Alonso, L.M.; Zapata, A.G.
1989The effects of cyclophosphamide on the prolactin cells of the normal ratPoblador, María S.; Rojas, Carmen; Raya, Antonio; Quiralte, Joaquín; Casares, José A.; Lancho Alonso, José Luis
1992The toxic effects of bis (tributyltin) oxide on the rat thoracic aortaYoshizuka, M.; Hara, K.; Doi, K.; Mori, Naoki; Yokoyama, M.; Ono, Eizo; Fujimoto, Sunao
1987The ultrastructure of alcoholic liver disease: A review and analysis of 100 biopsiesGrases, Pedro J.; Millard, Peter R.; O'D McGee, James.
2009Tracing the accumulation and effects of mercury uptake in the previtellogenic ovary of crucian carp Carassius auratus gibelio by autometallography and caspase-3 immunohistochemistryZarnescu, Otilia
1989Ulmtrastructuroef the chronically vagotomised atrial myocardiu m in t he mon key (Macaca fascicularis)Wong, W. C.; Yick, T. Y.; Ling, E. A.
1997Ultrastructural alterations of the cortical epithelial cells of the rat thymus after cyclophosphamide treatmentYoon, S.; Yoo, Y.H.; Kim, B.S.; Kim, J.J.
1993Ultrastructural alterations of the rat intestinal epithelium fed with polymeric, oligopeptidic orBotsios, D.; Economou, L.; Manthos, A.; Tsolaki, M.; Sioga, A.; Agelopoulos, S.; Dadouki, I.; Foroglou, Ch.
1991Ultrastructural aspects of human nonunionQuacci, Daniela; Dell`Orbo, Carlo; Salvi, Massimiliano; Bartolozzi, Pietro; Misasi, Mario
2004Ultrastructural changes in bones of the senescence-accelerated mouse (SAMP6): a murine model for senile osteoporosischen, H.; Shoumura, S.; Emura, S.
1986Ultrastructural changes in pancreatic acinar cells of rats after administration of 4-hydroxyaminoquinoline-l -oxideTakashi Kitagawa; Kiyoshi Okamura; Mitsuhiro Sohme; Masayoshi Namiki; Kazuyuki Ono
2003Ultrastructural changes in the lungs of neonatal rats intratracheally inoculated with meconiumMartínez Burnes, J.; Lopez, A.; Wright, Glenda M.; Ireland, William P.; Wadowska, D.W.; Dobbin, G.V.