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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Material, educational, and ideological challenges of teaching EFL writing at the turn of the centuryLeki, Ilona
2004Methods in the post-methods era: report on an international survey on language teaching methodsLiu, Jun
2004Multiple intelligence theory and foreign language learning: a brain-based perspectiveFonseca Mora, María del Carmen; Arnold, Jane
2014El perfecto latino en prosa y verso de Bartolomé Alcázar como ejemplo de manual práctico para la enseñanza de una segunda lenguaHernández Sánchez, Eulalia; López Martínez, María Isabel
2010Practice for Second Language Learning: Don’t Throw out the Baby with the BathwaterDeKeyser, Robert
2014Las prácticas docentes del profesorado de ELE mediante secuencias modulares de formación y acciónLópez García, María Pilar
2009Reading printed versus online texts. A study of EFL learners strategic reading behaviorUsó-Juan, Esther; Ruiz Madrid, María Noelia
2007Research on second language vocabulary acquisition and learning: an introductionSánchez Pérez, Aquilino; Manchón Ruiz, Rosa María
2004Second Language Acquisition and Language TeachingMuñoz, Carmen; Tragant, Elsa
2007Second language vocabulary assessment: current practices and new directionsRead, John
2010Self-directed Noticing for Defossilissation: Three Case StudiesBoettinger, Frances; Park, Junghye; Timmis, Ivor
2001Some Steps Towards a Socio-cognitive Interpretation of Second Language Composition ProcessesMurphy, Liz; Roca de Larios, Julio
2009Students? beliefs about portfolio evaluation and its influence on their learning outcomes to develop EFL in a Spanish contextMartínez Lirola, María; Rubio Alcalá, Fernando
2013A study of the acquisition of discourse markers by Chinese learners of EnglishBu, Jiemin
2001Syllable structure universals and second language acquisitionCarlisle, Robert S.
2001Targetiing L2 writing proficiencies: instruction and areas of change in students' writing over timeArchibald, Alasdair
2009Teaching foreign languages: A challenge to ecuadorian bilingual intercultural educationHaboud, Marleen
2014Teaching spoken discourse markers explicitly: a comparison of III and PPPJones, Christian; Carter, Ronald
2010The Differential Effect of Two Types of Direct Written Corrective Feedback on Noticing and Uptake: Reformulation vs. Error CorrectionSantos, María; López-Serrano, Sonia; Manchón Ruiz, Rosa María
2010The Effect of Instruction on Learners’ Pragmatic Awareness: a Focus on RefusalsAlcón Soler, Eva; Guzmán Pitarch, Josep