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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The metastasis-associated gene MTA3 is downregulated in advanced endometrioid adenocarcinomasBrüning, Ansgar; Jückstock, Julia; Blankenstein, Thomas; Makovitzky, Josef; Kunze, Sussane; Mylonas, I.
2010The role of prostaglandin E2 in acute acetaminophen hepatotoxicity in miceĆavar, Ivan; Kelava, Tomislav; Vukojevic, Katarina; Saraga-Babić, Mirna; Čulo, Filip
1995The use of microwave irradiation for immunohistochemistryVitarelli, E.; Sippelli, G.; Tuccari, G.; Barresi, G.
2008Thymidine phoshorylase expression in breast cancer, the prognostic significance and its association with other angiogenesisLoachim, E.
2006Toll like receptor-4 expression in lipopolysaccharide induced lung inflammationJanardhan, K.; McIsaac, M.; Fowlie, J.; Shrivastav, A.; Caldwell, S.; Sharma, R.K.; Singh, B.
2004Toll-like receptor 4 in normal and inflamed lungs and other organs of pig, dog and cattleWassef, A.; Janardhan, K.; Pearce, J.W.; Singh, B.
2000Transforming growth factor-01 gene and protein expression associated with atherogenesis of cholesterol-fed rabbitsChen, Y.L.; Wu, H.W.; Jlang, M.J.
1993Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing IOT-10 marker. An immunohistochemical study of a series of 185 brain tumorsZurita, M.; Vaquero, J.; Coca, S.; Oya, S.; García, N .
2009Whether to determine HER2 status for breast cancer in the primary tumour or in the metastasisSantiago, M.P.; Vázquez-Boquete, A.; Fernández, B.; Masa, C.; Antúnez, Jose R.; Fraga, M.; Forteza, J.; Garcia-Caballero, Tomas
2001Widespread cellular distribution of aldehyde oxidase in human tissues found by immunohistochemistry stainingMoriwaki, Y.; Yamamoto, T.; Takahashi, S.; Tsutsumi, Z.; Hada, T.