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Morikawa-26-979-995-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Phenotypic changes and possible angiogenic roles of pericytes during wound healing in the mouse skin
Canavese-26-285-296-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Clinical, pathological and immunological features of psoriatic-like lesions affecting keratin 14-vascular endothelial growth factor transgenic mice
Lopez-Campos-26-451-459-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Overexpression of Aquaporin-1 in lung adenocarcinomas and pleural mesotheliomas
Orlova-26-1219-1230-2011.pdf.jpg2011-Controlling angiogenesis by two unique TGF-β type I receptor signaling pathways
Pescosolido-27-497-506-2012.pdf.jpg2012-Topotecan hydrochloride effects on retinal vessels in newborn rats
Portal-Nunez-27-559-566-2012.pdf.jpg2012-Role of angiogenesis on bone formation
Garcia-27-151-156-2012.pdf.jpg2012-Notch: A key regulator of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis
Yamaguchi-28-175-183-2013.pdf.jpg2013-Proangiogenic hematopoietic cells of monocytic origin: roles in vascular regeneration and pathogenic processes of systemic sclerosis
Ruiz-Gonzalez-28-373-383-2013.pdf.jpg2013-Different influence of ovine estrus synchronization treatments on caruncular early angiogenesis
Machado-29-903-912-2014.pdf.jpg2014-A GFP endometriosis model reveals important morphological characteristics of the angiogenic process that govern benign and malignant diseases
Covenas-29-881-890-2014.pdf.jpg2014-Cancer progression and substance P
Caraffi-30-69-76-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Microcirculation density and maturity in uterine and soft tissue leiomyosarcomas: an immunohistochemical study
Tseng-30-1283-1294-2015.pdf.jpg2015-A twist tale of cancer metastasis and tumor angiogenesis
Duran-30-345-352-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Loss of Nm23 is associated with a more favorable tumor microenvironment in patients with breast cancer
Vybohova-30-697-706-2015.pdf.jpg2015-Quantitative immunohistochemical assessment of blood and lymphatic microcirculation in cutaneous lichen planus lesions
Diaz-Flores-31-1271-1279-2016.pdf.jpg2016-Intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia (IPEH). Evidence supporting a piecemeal mode of angiogenesis from vein endothelium, with vein wall neovascularization and papillary formation
Gai-31-379-391-2016.pdf.jpg2016-Extracellular vesicle-mediated modulation of angiogenesis
Park-32-481-490-2017.pdf.jpg2017-Inhibition of the TWEAK/Fn14 pathway attenuates autoimmune arthritis in a SKG mouse model
Giner-32-1281-1291-2017.pdf.jpg2017-Expression profiles of angiogenesis in two high grade chondrosarcomas: A xenotransplant experience in nude mice
Angara-32-917-928-2017.pdf.jpg2017-Vascular mimicry in glioblastoma following anti-angiogenic and anti-20-HETE therapies