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1325562.pdf.jpg1996-English in primary school: teaching a third languaje to eight year olds in the basque country
2526431.pdf.jpg1996-The passive and metaphor in scientific writing
1325557.pdf.jpg1996-The reliability of Holistic Method when grading language Essays
1325597.pdf.jpg1997-'Al1 the birds of paradise': Mito y género en Mrs Dalloway
1325605.pdf.jpg1997-La literatura australiana de principios de siglo: 'SO far and tho' so close'
1325591.pdf.jpg1997-Sentimental and Counter-Sentimental Discourses in Jean Rhys' Version of .the Popular Romance
vol6 n2 1997.pdf.jpg1997-Cognitive Linguistics: a usable approach
1325572.pdf.jpg1997-Modernism and gender trouble
1325579.pdf.jpg1997-Paisajes de transición, moradas nebulosas: el cuento de fantasmas femenino en la era del modernismo. Cynthia Asquith y Edith Warthon
1325582.pdf.jpg1997-Blissful Thinking: Katherine Mansfield and the En-gendering of Modernist Fiction
1325590.pdf.jpg1997-Misogyny and the Carnivalesque in Wyndham Lewis's The Wild Body
112506.pdf.jpg1998-Interpreting, performing and translating Isabella
112507.pdf.jpg1998-The mental and theatrical maps of Shakespeare´s Romances: a romanian perspective
112505 .pdf.jpg1998-Mihai Maniutiu´s Richard III: Inwardness Rendered visible
112504.pdf.jpg1998-Stanislavsky´s second othello: the great director´s last revelations
112468.pdf.jpg1998-Go fish: resisting silence and invisibility and coming out as a Lesbian in a post- affirmation era
112510.pdf.jpg1998-Shakespeare en nuestras pantallas: la recepción de las adaptaciones cinematográficas y televisivas en España
112508.pdf.jpg1998-Shakespeare en España: una aproximación traductológica
112509.pdf.jpg1998-Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk: sameness and difference in Nicolai Leskov
112470.pdf.jpg1998-Thinking Russian/writting English: textual traces of an Émigré´s conflict