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Vista previaFecha de publicaciónFecha de CreaciónTítulo
Electrochemistry Communications 92 (2018) 48.pdf.jpg3-abr-2018-Unified theoretical treatment of the Eirrev, CE, EC and CEC mechanisms under voltammetric conditions
20Synlett_Account Interlocked Lactams_AV.pdf.jpg18-ene-20192019Stereocontrol in the Synthesis of β-Lactams Arising from the Interlocked Structure of Benzylfumaramide-Based Hydrogen-Bonded [2]Rotaxanes
Self-Archived MS-JBerna_CoConformational Exchange.pdf.jpg21-ene-20162016Co-conformational Exchange Triggered by Molecular Recognition in a Di(acylamino)pyridine-Based Molecular Shuttle Containing Two Pyridine Rings at the Macrocycle
ChemCommun_2013_RuRhIr_benzimidazole.pdf.jpg17-oct-201315-ago-2013On the antitumor properties of novel cyclometalated benzimidazole Ru(II), Ir(III) and Rh(III) complexes
Self-Archived MS-JBerna_Dethreading of FUM-pRTX.pdf.jpg11-feb-20192019Thermally and Photochemically Induced Dethreading of Fumaramide-Based Kinetically Stable Pseudo[2]rotaxanes
REVISED VERSION-CHEMCOMMUN-2017-53-2842.pdf.jpg10-feb-20172017Synthesis of spiro-oxoindoles through Pd-catalyzed remote C–H alkylation using alpha-diazocarbonyl compounds
Synthesis of the First Hydroxomonoaryltin.pdf.jpg26-nov-20191992Synthesis of the First Hydroxomonoaryltin( IV) Complexes. Crystal and Molecular Structure of [{Sn[C,H,( N=NC6H,-M e-4') - 2, Me - 51 C I ( p-0 H )}2]
JChromA-2007-Postprint.pdf.jpg21-sep-2007-Comparison of two derivatizing agents for the simultaneous determination of selenite and organoselenium species by gas chromatography and atomic emission detection after preconcentration using solid-phase microextraction
ACS Chem. Biology, 2017.pdf.jpg7-abr-2017-New Acridine Thiourea Gold(I) Anticancer Agents: Targeting the Nucleus and Inhibiting Vasculogenic Mimicry
Pt_Heteroleptic_Tris-cyclometalated.pdf.jpg29-oct-2014-Exploring Excited-State Tunability in Luminescent Tris-cyclometalated Platinum(IV) Complexes: Synthesis of Heteroleptic Derivatives and Computational Calculations