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PreviewIssue DateTitle
1997Bialystok's processing continuum model: a cognitive approach to patterned variation in SLA
2010Book review
20-Jul-2011Chinese EFL Learners’ Decision-Making while Evaluating Peers’ Texts
2009La clasificación de los hablantes de herencia de español en los EEUU: generación, simplificación modal y mantenimiento del español
2007A corpus-driven design of a test for assessing the ESL collocational competence of University students
20-Jul-2011Corrective Feedback in L2 Writing: Theoretical Perspectives, Empirical Insights, and Future Directions
20-Jul-2011Critical Feedback on Written Corrective Feedback Research
2004Differential Difficulty in the Acquisition of Second Language Phonology
2010Effects of explicit instruction on incidental noticing of metaphorical word sequences during a subsequent reading task
2009Empirical study of the effects of discourse markers on the reading comprehension of Spanish students of English as a foreign language
2005Enfoques para el estudio de la adquisición de una L2 como lengua de acogida. Su evolución hacia un modelo descriptivo de corte pragmático
2004Estudio de la competencia intercultural a partir del análisis sociocultural de interacciones orales con arabohablantes
22-Feb-2013La evolución de modelos mentales de escritura en un contexto de lengua extranjera : dinámica de objetivos y creencias = Development of mental models of writing in a foreign language context : dynamics of goals and beliefs.
2009Exploring the increase of receptive vocabulary knowledge in the foreign language: A longitudinal study
2009Extensive reading through the Internet: is it worth the while?
2001Factors relating to EFL writers' discourse level revision skills
20-Jul-2011Feedback in second language writing: an introduction
20-Jul-2011Future Directions in Feedback on Second Language Writing: Overview and Research Agenda
2002ICT and modern foreign languages: learning opportunities and training needs
2001The influence of prior experience on the construction of scoring criteria for ESL compostions: A case study