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2595023.pdf.jpg2007-Research on second language vocabulary acquisition and learning: an introduction
2595066.pdf.jpg2007-Lexical Knowledge in Instructed Language Learning: The Effects of Age and Exposure
2579878.pdf.jpg2007-Words as "lexical units" in learning/teaching vocabulary
2579894.pdf.jpg2007-A corpus-driven design of a test for assessing the ESL collocational competence of University students
2579892.pdf.jpg2007-Second language vocabulary assessment: current practices and new directions
2579885.pdf.jpg2007-Lexical reiteration in EFL young learners' essays: does it relate to the type of instruction?
2579896.pdf.jpg2007-Lexical retrieval processes and strategies in second language writing: a synthesis of empirical research
90801-369121-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Knowlege, literacies and the teaching of reading English as a foreign language
90781-369041-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Academic lexis and disciplinary practice: corpus evidence for specificity
90771-369001-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Using dramatic role-play to develop emotional aptitude
69761-290081-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-La clasificación de los hablantes de herencia de español en los EEUU: generación, simplificación modal y mantenimiento del español
90731-368841-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Empirical study of the effects of discourse markers on the reading comprehension of Spanish students of English as a foreign language
90681-368641-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Exploring the increase of receptive vocabulary knowledge in the foreign language: A longitudinal study
90641-368521-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Teaching foreign languages: A challenge to ecuadorian bilingual intercultural education
90661-368601-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Students? beliefs about portfolio evaluation and its influence on their learning outcomes to develop EFL in a Spanish context
90751-368921-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Reading printed versus online texts. A study of EFL learners strategic reading behavior
90721-368801-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Working memory capacity and L2 University Students comprehension of linear texts and hypertexts
90761-368961-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Extensive reading through the Internet: is it worth the while?
90741-368881-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-The inner voice
90651-368561-1-PB.pdf.jpg2009-Learning for life, a structured and motivational process of knowledge construction in the acquisition/learning of English as a foreign language in native Spanish speakers