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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991A rapid intraoperative estimation of the proliferative activity in brain tumorsVaquero, J.; Martínez, R.; Arias, A.; Oya, S.
2009Bone marrow stromal cells for spinal cord repair, A challenge for contemporary neurobiologyVaquero, J.; Zurita, M.
2006Early administration of methylprednisolone decreases apoptotic cell death after spinal cord injuryVaquero, J.; Zurita, M.; Oya, S.; Aguayo, C.; Bonilla, C.
2012Endogenous neurogenesis after intracerebral hemorrhageOtero, L.; Zurita, M.; Bonilla, C.; Rico, M.A.; Aguayo, C.; Rodriguez, A.; Vaquero, J.
1993Experimental neurocytomasVaquero, J.; Coca, S.; Zurita, M.; Oya, S.; Arias, A.; Morales, C.; Buján, J.; García, N .
1992Expression of neuronal and glial markers in so-called oligodendrogilial tumors induced by transplacental administration of ethyl-nitrosourea in the ratVaquero, J.; Coca, S.; Moreno M.; Oya, S.; Arias, A.; Zurita, M.; Morales, C.
2010Intralesional administration of allogeneic bone marrow stromal cells reduces functional deficits after intracerebral hemorrhageOtero, L.; Bonilla, C.; Aguayo, C.; Zurita, M.; Vaquero, J.
1993lmmunohistochemical study of intracranial cystsCoca, S.; Martínez, A.; Vaquero, J.; Moreno M.; Martos, J.A.; Rodríguez, J.; Mata, P.
1991Natural killer cells in meningiomasVaquero, J.; Coca, S.; Pontón, P.; Oya, S.; Arias, A.
1993Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes expressing IOT-10 marker. An immunohistochemical study of a series of 185 brain tumorsZurita, M.; Vaquero, J.; Coca, S.; Oya, S.; García, N .