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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An overview of the pale and clear cells of the nipple epidermisGarijo, M.F.; Val, D.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando
1996Argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region (AgNOR) counting in astrocytic gliomas: prognostic valueCardesa, Antonio; Ferreres, Joan-Carles; Figols, J.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando; Cruz Sánchez, F.F.
1991Helicobacter pylori in Barrett's esophagusFerreres, Joan-Carles; Fernández, Fidel; Rodríguez Vives, Agustín; González-Rodilla, Irene; Ursúa, Inmaculada; Ramos, Rafael; Val-Bernal, José Fernando
2001MlBl proliferation index in breast infiltrating carcinoma: Comparison with other proliferative markers and association with new biological prognostic factorsGonzález-Vela, M.C.; Garijo, M.F.; Fernández, F.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando
2010Non-compaction of the ventricular myocardium, a cardiomyopathy in search of a pathoanatomical definitionVal-Bernal, José Fernando; Garijo, M.F.; Rodriguez-Villar, Diana; Val, D.
2001Papillary adenoma of the kidney with mucinous secretionVal-Bernal, José Fernando; Pinto, J.; Gómez-Román, J.J.; Mayorga, M.; Villoria, F.
1997Prognostic analysis of astrocytic gliomas correlating histological parameters with the proliferating cell nuclear antigen labelling index (PCNA-LI)Cruz-Sánchez, F. F.; Ferreres, Joan-Carles; Figols, J.; Palacín, A.; Cardesa, Antonio; Rossi, M.L.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando
1992Radiohistology and histochemistry of barium granuloma of the colon and rectumMayorga, M.; Castro, F.; Fernández, F.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando; Arribas, V.
2005Sclerotic fibroma-like dermatofibroma: an uncommon distinctive variant of dermatofibromaGonzález-Vela, M.C.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando; Martino, M.; González-López, M.A.; García-Alberdi, E.; Hermana, S.
1999Selective nuclear morphometry as a prognostic factor of survival in renal cell carcinomaMonge, J.M.; Val-Bernal, José Fernando; Buelta, L.; Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo, L.; Asensio, L.