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2005Anagrelide does not exert a myelodysplastic effect on megakaryopoiesis: a comparative immunohistochemical and morphometric study with hydroxyureaThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Ollig, S.; Schmitt-Gräff, A.
2004Bone marrow angiogenesis: methods of quantification and changes evolving in chronic myeloproliferative disordersKvasnicka, H.M.; Thiele, J.
2001Bone marrow engraftment: histopathology of hematopoietic reconstitution following allogeneic transplantation in CML patientsThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Beelen, D.W.; Leder, L.D.; Schaefer, U.W.
1999Bone marrow histopathology in chronic myelogenous leukemia ,CML, evaluation of distinctive features with clinical impactThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Fischer, R.
2002CD34+ stem cells in chronic myeloproliferative disordersThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.
2003Diagnostic differentiation of essential thrombocythaemia from thrombocythaemias associated with chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis by discriminate analysis of bone marrow features - a clinicopathological study on 272 patientsThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.
2005Diagnostic impact of bone marrow histopathology in polycythemia vera (PV)Thiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.
2007Dualism of mixed chimerism between hematopoiesis and stroma in chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis after allogeneic stem cell transplantationThiele, J.; Varus, E.; Siebolts, U.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Wickenhauser, C.; Metz, K.A.; Beelen, D.W.; Ditschkowski, M.; Zander, A.; Kröger, N.
2005Dynamics of bone marrow changes in patients with chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis following allogeneic stem cell transplantationThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Dietrich, H.; Stein, G.; Hann, M.; Kaminski, A.; Rathjen, N.; Metz, K.A.; Beelen, D.W.; Ditschkowski, M.; Zander, A.; Kroeger, N.
2003Dynamics of lineage-restricted mixed chimerism following sex-mismatched allogeneic bone marrow transplantationThiele, J.; Wickenhauser, C.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Varus, E.; Beelen, D.W.; Schaefer, U.W.
2004Effects of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor Imatinib mesylate (STI571) on bone marrow features in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemiaThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Schmitt-Gräff, A.; Kriener, S.; Engels, K.; Staib, P.; Griesshammer, M.; Waller, C.F.; Ottmann, O.G.; Hansmann, M.L.
2002Immunoreactivity of Lewis blood group and mucin peptide core antigens: Correlations with grade of dysplasia and malignant transformation in the colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequenceBaldus, S.E.; Hanisch, F.G.; Pütz, C.; Flucke, U.; Mönig, S.P.; Schneider, P.M.; Thiele, J.; Hölscher, A.H.; Dienes, H.P.
2006Lewis y antigen (CD174) and apoptosis in gastric and colorectal carcinomas, Correlations with clinical and prognostic parametersBaldus, S.E.; Mönig, S.P.; Zirbes, T.K.; Thakran, J.; Köthe, D.; Köppel, M.; Hanisch, F.G.; Thiele, J.; Schneider, P.M.; Hölscher, A.H.; Dienes, H.P.
1999lmmunoreactivity of Thomsen-Friedenreich ,TF, antigen in human neoplasms. The importance of carrier-specific glycotope expression on MUCBaldus, S.E.; Hanisch, F.G.; Monaca, E.; Karsten, U.R.; Zirbes, T.K.; Thiele, J.; Dienes, H.P.
2007MUC1 (EMA) expressing plasma cells in bone marrow infiltrated by plasma cell myelomaBaldus, S.E.; Palmen, C.; Thiele, J.
2006Myelofibrosis in chronic myeloproliferative disorders - dynamics and clinical impactThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.
2004Regeneration of heart muscle tissue: quantification of chimeric cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells following transplantationThiele, J.; Varus, E.; Wickenhauser, C.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Metz, K.A.; Beelen, D.W.
2005Standardization of bone marrow features - does it work in hematopathology for histological discrimination of different disease patterns?Thiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Diehl, V.
2004Therapy-related changes of the bone marrow in chronic idiopathic myelofibrosisThiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.; Schmitt-Gräff, A.; Hülsemann, R.; Diehl, V.