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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Connective tissue of the livers of newborn and adult marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)Daqun, Xu.; Schroter-Kermani, C.; Hinz, N.; Merker, H. J.
1988Electron microscopic observations on the formation of elastic fibres in cultures of aortic medial cells and adventitial cellsMasumi Akita; Katsuji Kaneko; Merker, H. J.
2001Electron microscopic studies of ion- and H20-transporting epithelial cells in the horizontal ampulla of the pigeonVillegas, H.; Merker, H. J.; Helling, K.; Clarke, A.H.; Scherer, H.
1993Integrins in ageing cartilage tissue in vitroShakibaei, M.; Abou-Fiebye, H.; Merker, H. J.
1993Matrix changes during long-term cultivation of cartilage, organoid or high-density culturesShakibaei, M.; Schroter-Kermanil, Chr.; Merker, H. J.
1991Morphological and histochemical pattern of responsein rat testes after administratnzo-ion of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibe p-dioxin ,TCDD,Rune, G.M.; Souza,; Krowke, R.; Merker, H. J.; Neubert, D.
2005Morphological aspects of potassium flow in the semicircular canal ampulla of the pigeonHelling, K.; Merker, H. J.
1991Morphology, differentiation and matrix production of liver cells in organoid cultures high density cultures of fetal rat liversElkasaby, A.; Xu, D.; Schroter-Kermanil, Chr.; Merker, H. J.
1995Synovial and peritoneal macrophages in organoid cultureMohamed-Ali, H.; Souza,; Shakibaei, M.; Hecker-Kia, A.; Kolkenbrock, H.J.; Merker, H. J.
1987The influence of matrix components on the morphological differentiation of a proliferating hepatocyte line from liver of newborn miceLilja, S.; Merker, H. J.; Ghaida, J.
2000The morphology of mesangial cells cultured at high density and in collagen gelsMaile, S.; Zimmermann, B.; Ketteler, M.; Merker, H. J.
1995The thyroid gland of Callithrix jacchus in organ cultureMaile, S.; Merker, H. J.
1992Ultrastructural changes in the synovial membrane in experimentally-induced osteoarthritis of rabbit knee jointVasilev, V.; Merker, H. J.; Vidinov, N.