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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Cellular compartmentation of lysozyme and a-amylase in the mouse salivary glands. lmmunogold approaches at light and electron microscopy levelMarchetti, L.; Gabrielli, M.G.; Materazzi, G.; Menghi, Giovanna
2000Confocal evaluation of native and induced lectin binding contributes to discriminate between lingual gland glycocomponents in quailBondi, A.M.; Gabrielli, M.G.; Accili, Daniela; Sabbieti, M.G.; Menghi, Giovanna
1997Cytomorphological changes in the rabbit oviductal epithelium after human chorionic gonadotropin treatmentBondi, A.M.; Gabrielli, M.G.; Marchetti, L.; Materazzi, G.; Menghi, Giovanna
2004Differential location and structural specificities of sialic acid-ß-D-Gal sequences belonging to sialoderivatives of rabbit oviduct under hormonal treatmentGabrielli, M.G.; Bondi, A.M.; Materazzi, G.; Menghi, Giovanna
1999Double-sided staining with a gold probe and silver enhancement to detect a-amylase and sugar moieties in the mouse salivary glandsMenghi, Giovanna; Marchetti, L.; Bondi, A.M.; Accili, Daniela; Sabbieti, M.G.; Materazzi, G.
2002Effects of phthalate esters on actin cytoskeleton of Py1a rat osteoblastsMarchetti, L.; Sabbieti, M.G.; Menghi, M.; Materazzi, S.; Hurley, M.M.; Menghi, Giovanna
1994Exoglycosidases and lectins as sequencing approaches of salivary gland oligosaccharidesMenghi, Giovanna; Materazzi, G.
1996Histoenzymological detection of sialic acids in the rodent salivary glandsAccili, Daniela; Gabrielli, M.G.; Menghi, Giovanna; Materazzi, G.
2003In situ visualization of o-phthalate esters in gastrointestinal tract of the frog Rana esculentaMenghi, Giovanna; Marchetti, L.; Sabbieti, M.G.; Menghi, M.; Materazzi, S.
2004Lectin cytochemistry on developing rat submandibular gland primary culturesSabbieti, M.G.; Gabrielli, M.G.; Menghi, Giovanna; Materazzi, G.; Marchetti, L.
2008Lectin histochemistry for in situ profiling of rat colon sialoglycoconjugatesAccili, Daniela; Menghi, Giovanna; Gabrielli, M.G.
22-Feb-2011Mosaic lectin labelling in the quail collecting ductsMenghi, Giovanna; Gabrielli, M.G.; Accili, Daniela
2000Nuclear and cytoplasmic lectin receptor sites in rat Pyla osteoblastsSabbieti, M.G.; Marchetti, L.; Hurley, M.H.; Menghi, Giovanna
2007Phthalate esters immunolocalized in the gastrointestinal tract of shi drum Umbrina cirrosa (L.) and rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (W.)Capacchietti, M.; Sabbieti, M.G.; Materazzi, S.; Materazzi, G.; Menghi, Giovanna; Marchetti, L.
1999Sex-related expression of sialic acid acceptor sugars in the mouse submandibular gland. Simultaneous visualization by confocal laser scanning microscopyMenghi, Giovanna; Bondi, A.M.; Marchetti, L.; Sabbieti, M.G.; Gabrielli, M.G.; Materazzi, G.
2009Ultrastructure and lectin cytochemistry of secretory cells in lingual glands of the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)Capacchietti, M.; Sabbieti, M.G.; Agas, D.; Materazzi, S.; Menghi, Giovanna; Marchetti, L.
1994Variety of sialic acids occurring in the bovine sublingual glandAccili, Daniela; Gabrielli, M.G.; Menghi, Giovanna