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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Androgen status and expression of glycoconjugates and lectins in the epithelial cells of the mouse ventral prostate. A glycohistochemical approachAkif, F.; Gabius, H.J.; Danguy, A.
2000Characterization of ligands for galectins, natural galactoside-binding immunoglobulin G subfractions and sarcolectin and also of the expression of calcyclin in thyroid lesionsNagy, N.; Decaestecker, C.; Dong, X.; Kaltner, H.; Schuring, M.P.; Rocman, P.; Danguy, A.; Gabius, H.J.; Kiss, R.; Salmon, I.
2003Combined analysis of tumor growth pattern and expression of endogenous lectins as a prognostic tool in primary testicular cancer and its lung metastasesKayser, K.; Hoeft, D.; Hufnagl, P.; Caselitz, J.; Zick, Y.; André, S.; Kaltner, H.; Gabius, H.J.
1994Contribution of carbohydrate histochemistry to glycobiologyDanguy, A.; Akif, F.; pajak, B.; Gabius, H.J.
1999Correspondence of gradual developmental increases of expression of galectin-reactive glycoconjugates with alterations of the total contents of the two differentially regulated galectins in chicken intestine and liver as indication for overlapping functionsLips, K.S.; Kaltner, H.; Reuter, G.; Stierstorfer, B.; Sinowatz, F.; Gabius, H.J.
1999Detection of sarcolectin-specific receptors like the cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor in rheumatoid nodules migration inhibitory factor in rheumatoid nodulesZschabitz, A.; Gabius, H.J.; Zeng, F.Y.; Kunt, T.; Martens, K.D.; Koepp, H.; Fassbender, H.G.; Stofft, E.
2000Expression of galectin-l and -3 and of accessible binding sites during murine hair cycleWollina, U.; Lange, D.; Paus, R.; Burchert, M.; Gabius, H.J.
2010Galectin fingerprinting in Warthin`s tumors: lectin-based approach to trace its origin?Saussez, Sven; Leval, Laurence de; Decaestecker, Christine; Sirtaine, Nicolas; Cludts, Stéphanie; Duray, Anaelle; Chevallier, Dominique; André, S.; Gabius, H.J.; Remmelink, Myriam; Leroy, Xavier
2009Galectin-7, will the lectinrsquos activity establish clinical correlations in head and neck squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas?Câda, Z.; Chovanec, M.; Smetana, K. Jr.; Betka, J.; Lacina, L.; Plzák, J.; Kodet, R.; Stork, J.; Lensch, M.; Kaltner, H.; André, S.; Gabius, H.J.
2004Glycomic profiling of developmental changes in bovine testis by lectin histochemistry and further analysis of the most prominent alteration on the level of the glycoproteome by lectin blotting and lectin affinity chromatographyManning, J.C.; Seyrek, K.; Kaltner, H.; André, S.; Sinowatz, F.; Gabius, H.J.
1993Histochemical analysis of carbohydrate moieties and sugar-specific acceptors in the kidneys of the laboratory mouse and the golden spiny mouse (Acomys russatus)Coppee, I.; Gabius, H.J.; Danguy, A.
1996Histochemical detection of expression of binding sites for labelled hyaluronic acid and carrier-immobilized synthetic (histo-blood group trisaccharides) or biochemically purified (ganglioside GM1) glycoligands in nasal polyps and other human lesions including neoplasmsHassid, S.; Salmon, I.; Bovin, N.V.; Kiss, R.; Gabius, H.J.; Danguy, A.
1996Histochemical study of expression of lectin-reactive carbohydrate epitopes and glycoligand-binding sites in normal human appendix vermiformis, colonic mucosa, acute appendicitis and colonic adenomaBrinck, U.; Bosbach, R.; Korabiowska, M.; Schauer, A.; Gabius, H.J.
2005Human galectin-2: expression profiling by RT-PCR/immunohistochemistry and its introduction as a histochemical tool for ligand localizationSaal, I.; Nagy, N.; Lensch, M.; Lohr, M.; Manning, J.C.; Decaestecker, C.; André, S.; Kiss, R.; Salmon, I.; Gabius, H.J.
2008Human galectin-2: nuclear presence in vitro and its modulation by quiescence/stress factorsDvoránková, B.; Smetana, K. Jr.; Lacina, L.; Lensch, M.; Manning, J.C.; André, S.; Gabius, H.J.
2010Immunohistochemical localization of galectins-1 and -3 and monitoring of tissue galectin-binding sites during tubular regeneration after renal ischemia reperfusion in the ratVansthertem, David; Cludts, Stéphanie; Nonclercq, Denis; Gossiaux, Annabel; Saussez, Sven; Legrand, Alexandre; Gabius, H.J.; Toubeau, Gérard
2001Immunohistochemical profile of galectin-8 expression in benign and malignant tumors of epithelial, mesenchymatous and adipous origins, and of the nervous systemDanguy, A.; Rorive, S.; Decaestecker, C.; Bronckart, Y.; Kaltner, H.; Hadari, Y.R.; Goren, R.; Zich, Y.; Petein, M.; Salmon, I.; Gabius, H.J.; Kiss, R.
1995Lectin-binding sites in the epithelium of normalBrinck, U.; Bosbach, R.; Korabiowska, M.; Schauer, A.; Gabius, H.J.
1996Modulation of the glycoconjugate expression in the tracheo-bronchial epithelium during sustained hypovitaminosis AZschabitz, A.; Weiser, H.; Stofft, E.; Gabius, H.J.; Biesalsk, H. K.
1997Quantitation and histochemical localization of galectin-1 and galectin-1 -reactive glycoconjugates in fetal development of bovine organsKaltner, H.; Lips, K.S.; Reuter, G.; Lippert, S.; Sinowatz, F.; Gabius, H.J.